, Volume 24, Issue 3-4, pp 621-628
Date: 16 Nov 2012

Regularized multiple-criteria linear programming with universum and its application

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Regularized multiple-criteria linear programming (RMCLP) model is a new powerful method for classification and has been used in various real-life data mining problems. In this paper, a new Universum-regularized multiple-criteria linear programming (called \({\mathfrak{U}}\) -RMCLP) was proposed and firstly applied to railway safety field, which is useful extension of RMCLP. Experiments in public datasets show that \({\mathfrak{U}}\) -RMCLP can get better results than its original model. Furthermore, experiment results in the trouble of moving freight car detection system (TFDS) datasets indicate that the accuracy of \({\mathfrak{U}}\) -RMCLP has been up to 91 %, which will provide great help for TFDS system.