, Volume 20, Issue 8, pp 1313-1320
Date: 21 Oct 2010

Soft set theory applied to p-ideals of BCI-algebras related to fuzzy points


The notions of \((\overline{\in}, \overline{\in} \vee \overline{\hbox{q}})\) -fuzzy p-ideals and fuzzy p-ideals with thresholds related to soft set theory are discussed. Relations between \((\overline{\in}, \overline{\in} \vee \overline{\hbox{q}})\) -fuzzy ideals and \((\overline{\in}, \overline{\in} \vee \overline{\hbox{q}})\) -fuzzy p-ideals are investigated. Characterizations of an \((\overline{\in}, \overline{\in} \vee \overline{\hbox{q}})\) -fuzzy p-ideal and a fuzzy p-ideal with thresholds are displayed. Implication-based fuzzy p-ideals are discussed.