, Volume 16, Issue 12, pp 1343-1352
Date: 12 Mar 2008

A mixed-method evaluation of nurse-led community-based supportive cancer care

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Goals of work

The study purpose was to evaluate a nurse-led supportive care clinical case management program in the community using multi-methods to delineate care processes prior to outcome evaluation.

Materials and methods

Multiple data sources including program service records, chart reviews and interviews with nurses and key interdisciplinary informants were used to identify population served (coverage and reach), processes of care (implementation), and providers’ perceptions of the effectiveness of the nurse-led program (reaction).

Main results

The program provided care to over 700 cancer patients in a 1-year period. Nurse-led support interventions were focused on direct care inclusive of teaching/coaching for symptom management, counseling and support, and mobilization of services through system navigation based on an initial comprehensive assessment of supportive care needs.


Nurse-led models of supportive care have the potential to reduce unmet supportive care needs, improve continuity of care, and overall health-related quality of life that should be tested in future trials.