, Volume 129, Issue 6, pp 416-421
Date: 09 Nov 2012

Heterogeneous networks—meeting mobile broadband expectations with maximum efficiency

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As the Networked Society takes shape, providing the right user experience is a top priority for operators. Bandwidth-hungry applications common on smartphones, tablets and other connected devices are driving figures for data traffic sky high. The opportunity for operators arises from people, business and society depending on their devices, mobile broadband access and high-performance networks. Heterogeneous networks, commonly known as hetnets, and efforts to improve and densify existing mobile broadband infrastructure together with added small cells are important when meeting ever-increasing user expectations.


Mobile broadband traffic is growing rapidly, driven by the increasing popularity of connected devices, such as smartphones and tablets. User expectations for mobile broadband are on the rise as people rely more and more on mobile applications, video content, cloud-based services and staying connected anywhere, anytime. Consumers have come to expect a consistent, high-q ...

Ericsson White Paper, 284 23-3165 Uen | February 2012.