, Volume 11, Issue 3, pp 148-152

Unexpected DNA content in the endosperm of Cupressus dupreziana A. Camus seeds and its implications in the reproductive process

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 Nuclear DNA content of embryo and endosperm from mature and immature Cupressus dupreziana A. Camus seeds was estimated using laser flow cytometry. Relative DNA content of endosperm nuclei corresponded to four ploidy levels: 2C, 4C, 6C and 8C. The embryo nuclei invariably exhibited a diploid pattern. In all endosperm tissue analyzed no haploid nucleus was found. This is problematic since, in gymnosperms, endosperm and female gametes originate from one functional haploid megaspore produced by meiosis. The possible origin and derivation of C. dupreziana endosperm are discussed in light of previous results concerning the two other Mediterranean cypresses, C. sempervirens and C. atlantica.

Received: 15 January 1998 / Revision accepted: 27 March 1998