, Volume 24, Issue 2, pp 161-169
Date: 12 Jan 2011

The asymmetric division of the Arabidopsis zygote: from cell polarity to an embryo axis

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During plant embryogenesis, a simple body plan consisting of shoot and root meristem that are connected by the embryo axis is set up by the first few rounds of cell divisions after fertilization. Postembryonically, the elaborate architecture of plants is created from stem cell populations of both meristems. Here, we address how the main axis (apical-basal) of the plant embryo is established from the single-celled zygote and the role that the asymmetric division of the zygote plays in this process. We will mainly draw on examples from the model plant Arabidopsis, for which several key regulators have been identified during the last years.

Communicated by Thomas Dresselhaus.