, Volume 11, Issue 5, pp 641-644

Aortic and renal artery thrombosis in a neonate: recovery with thrombolytic therapy

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 This report describes a neonate with acute renal failure associated with extensive aortic and bilateral renal artery thrombosis attributed to inadequate breastfeeding and severe dehydration. Dialytic and general supportive care, together with concurrent anticoagulation, and continuous aggressive intrathrombic instillation of urokinase for 5 days resulted in near-complete thrombolysis. Renal functional recovery began 11 days after the onset of anuria. Despite ischemic atrophy of the left kidney, renal function and blood pressure were normal on follow-up. Thus, in neonates thrombolytic therapy may positively impact survival and recovery of renal function even in the setting of prolonged ischemic renal injury.

Received November 7, 1996; received in revised form and accepted February 25, 1997