, Volume 24, Issue 3, pp 463-474,
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Date: 23 Jan 2008

Long-term outcome of chronic dialysis in children


As the prevalence of children on renal replacement therapy (RRT) increases world wide and such therapy comprises at least 2% of any national dialysis or transplant programme, it is essential that paediatric nephrologists are able to advise families on the possible outcome for their child on dialysis. Most children start dialysis with the expectation that successful renal transplantation is an achievable goal and will provide the best survival and quality of life. However, some will require long-term dialysis or may return intermittently to dialysis during the course of their chronic kidney disease (CKD). This article reviews the available outcome data for children on chronic dialysis as well as extrapolating data from the larger adult dialysis experience to inform our paediatric practice. The multiple factors that may influence outcome, and, particularly, those that can potentially be modified, are discussed.