, Volume 13, Issue 10, pp 995-997
Date: 06 Feb 2014

Primary laparoscopic placement of gastrostomy buttons for feeding tubes

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Background: During a 4-year period, 240 gastrostomy buttons were placed in children, as the initial surgical feeding tube, using laparoscopic techniques.

Materials and methods: The technique requires the use of a minilaparoscope (1.6-mm) and a single 5-mm trocar placed at the exit site for the gastrostomy button. It can also be performed in addition to a laparoscopic fundoplication using the same trocar sites. The technique requires no special instrumentation or kits. When performed alone, operative times average 15 min. When performed with fundoplication, it adds ∼5–10 min to the time for the procedure.

Results: There were no intraoperative complications and five (2.1%) postoperative complications.

Conclusions: This technique has proven to be simple and effective. It allows primary placement of a gastrostomy button that is cosmetically and functionally superior to a gastrostomy tube.

Received: 11 February 1999/Accepted: 27 April 1999