, Volume 25, Issue 5, pp 1699-1700
Date: 23 Oct 2010

Right colectomy: is it a safe and feasible totally laparoscopic approach with transvaginal specimen extraction

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To the Editors,

One of most rapidly evolving fields of surgery attracting major attention from new surgeons and enjoying popularity among patients is laparoscopic surgery for gastrointestinal cancers and other solid tumors. Solid evidence from randomized controlled trials and metaanalyses has shown better short-term quality-of-life outcomes after laparoscopic surgery including earlier recovery, less pain, and a better cosmetic result than after open surgery for colon cancer, without any negative effect on oncologic outcome. As a result of this evidence, the minimally invasive approach has been expanded to include laparoscopic treatment for resectable rectal cancer, gastric cancer and other tumors [19].

Initially, extracorporeal anastomosis and minilaparotomy were the standard procedure in laparoscopic colectomy. As laparoscopic surgery goes fast forward, the next challenge for further improvement of patient outcome is a totally laparoscopic approach. Is the evidence for totally intracor