Date: 04 May 2005

Low-grade B-cell MALT lymphoma of the stomach: a clinical challenge

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Kelessis et al. [9] recently described their experience with endoscopic diagnosis of gastric mucosa-associated lymphomas tissue (MALT) lymphomas. They conclude that gastroscopy has an important role in diagnosing these lymphomas. I think this study deserves further comment.

Endoscopy shows an important role in detecting gastric MALT lymphoma. It permits observation of the gastric mucosa, and in the case of suspicious lesions, it allows adequate bioptic samples to be obtained for histologic evaluation. I agree with Kelessis et al. [9] about the extreme variability in the endoscopic findings of these lymphomas, ranging from a normal appearance of gastric mucosa to extensive gastric lesions [21]. However, several other important considerations give rise to a clinical challenge in the diagnosis of gastric MALT lymphomas. In the endoscopic and histologic diagnosis of gastric MALT lymphomas, the following considerations should always kept in mind.

  1. It often is very difficult to distinguish be ...