, Volume 16, Issue 12, pp 1741-1745

Comparative study of thyroidectomies

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Background: We have performed endoscopic thyroidectomy by an anterior chest approach and by an axillary approach. In this study, we evaluate the efficacy of these two types of endoscopic procedures and conventional open surgery. Methods: Each procedure was performed in 15 patients. The degree of surgical invasiveness and the nature of patients' complaints after surgery were compared using results of the operation and a questionnaire. Results: Although the mean operating time for the endoscopic procedure was significantly longer than for open surgery, there was no postoperative pain difference in the three groups. Three months after surgery, the incidence of swallowing discomfort was higher in the open surgery group than in endoscopic surgery group. All of the patients treated using the axillary approach were satisfied with the cosmetic results. However, three patients (20%) treated using the anterior chest approach and 11 patients (73%; p < 0.01) who underwent open surgery complained about the cosmetic results. Conclusions: The incidence of postoperative complaints after endoscopic surgery is significantly lower than after open surgery. Patients treated using the axillary approach can obtain cosmetic results superior to those achieved with other procedures.