Computer Science - Research and Development

, 24:211

Revenue maximization in web service provision


    • School of Computing ScienceNewcastle University
  • Isi Mitrani
    • School of Computing ScienceNewcastle University
  • Jennie Palmer
    • School of Computing ScienceNewcastle University
  • Mike Fisher
    • BT Group
  • Paul McKee
    • BT Group
Special Issue Paper

DOI: 10.1007/s00450-009-0077-5

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Mazzucco, M., Mitrani, I., Palmer, J. et al. Comp. Sci. Res. Dev. (2009) 24: 211. doi:10.1007/s00450-009-0077-5


An architecture of a hosting system is presented, where a number of servers are used to provide different types of web services to paying customers. There are charges for running jobs and penalties for failing to meet agreed Quality-of-Service requirements. The objective is to maximize the total average revenue per unit time. Dynamic policies for making allocation and admission decisions are introduced and evaluated. The results of several experiments with a real implementation of the architecture are described.


Web Service Hosting Resource Allocation Admission Control Queuing Theory
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