, Volume 22, Issue 4, pp 281-284

Reactive extraction of succinic acid with tripropylamine (TPA) in various diluents

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Succinic acid is of interest as the raw material of polysuccinate which is a biodegradable polymer. The tripropylamine (TPA) was used as the extraction agent for the reactive extraction of succinic acid in various alcohol diluents. Equilibrium and loading data for various active diluents were obtained at various TPA concentrations. At the same TPA concentration the extractabilities of TPA increased as the number of carbon in alcohols decreased. It was explained by decreasing solubility of acid-amine complex due to decreasing polarity with increasing the number of carbon in alcohols. The type of succinic acid-amine-diluent complex was predicted by the value of loading with various concentration of TPA/various alcohols.

Received: 22 March 1999