, Volume 19, Issue 5, pp 373-380

Use of scale-down methods to rapidly apply natural yeast homogenisation models to a recombinant strain

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Models for high pressure homogenisation developed using natural bakers' yeast were applied to a recombinant yeast strain. The models were found to be generic in nature and generally adequate for initial process design (±30%). More accurate descriptions (±10%) of the release of protein engineered enzyme product, the release of total soluble protein and the change in debris size distribution required a small amount of extra information which was readily acquired using a scale-down unit. Utilisation of such scale-down and modelling techniques will enable design calculations, unit integration and identification of optimum operating conditions to be carried out for the high pressure homogenisation of recombinant yeast early in process development with a high degree of confidence.

Received: 19 November 1997