, Volume 17, Issue 1, pp 55-60

Studies on transfer processes in mixing vessels: effect of gas on solid-liquid hydrodynamics using modified Rushton turbine agitators

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The effect of gas on solid-liquid hydrodynamics in mixing vessels was studied to determine the agitation speed required to just completely suspend all the particles under gassed conditions, N jsg and by measurement of the power consumption associated with this agitation speed.

The solid particles have a mean diameter between 15–1000 μm. For their mixing are used standard and modified Rushton turbine agitators positioned singly or doubly on the same shaft.

The modified turbine with a surface fraction of the perforations equal to 0.353 (TP3) was obtained through increase in the blade height of the Rushton turbine simultaneously with the perforation of the blade surface. The filled surface of the modified blade is equal to the blade surface of the standard Rushton turbine.