, Volume 303, Issue 1, pp 109-115

Synthesis and localization of the mucin-associated TFF-peptides in the human uterus

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TFF-peptides (formerly P-domain peptides, trefoil factors) are typical secretory products of mucin-producing cells and are thought to influence the rheological properties of mucous gels. Here, the localization of these peptides in the human uterus was investigated. An analysis of TFF-peptides mRNA by the polymerase chain reaction revealed TFF3 mainly in the endocervix and smaller amounts in the endometrium. TFF1 and TFF2 mRNA was detectable occasionally in the endocervix and very rarely in the endometrium. Western blot analysis detected only TFF3 in tissue extracts of the endocervix and as a constituent of human cervical mucus. Immunofluorescence localized TFF3 in the surface epithelium of the endocervix and in gland-like structures of the cervical epithelium.

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