, Volume 335, Issue 2, pp 317-321
Date: 26 Nov 2008

Mesenchymal stem cells and skin wound repair and regeneration: possibilities and questions

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Adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have the capacity for self-renewal and for differentiating into a variety of cells and tissues. They may leave their niche to migrate to remote tissues and play a critical role in wound repair and tissue regeneration. Because of their multipotency, easy isolation and culture, highly expansive potential, and immunosuppression properties, these cells may be an attractive therapeutic tool for regenerative medicine and tissue engineering. Several studies have indicated a contribution of MSCs to reconstituting skin in cutaneous wounds, but problems still need resolution before MSCs can be widely used clinically. This review focuses mainly on the benefits of MSCs in skin wound healing and tissue regeneration and on the questions that remain to be answered before MSCs can be used in clinical practice.
This study was supported in part by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (30730090, 30672176, 30500194) and by State Key Development Program of Basic Research of China (973 Program, 2005CB522603).