, Volume 332, Issue 1, pp 81-88
Date: 15 Jan 2008

Stromal cells cultured from omentum express pluripotent markers, produce high amounts of VEGF, and engraft to injured sites

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When rat omentum becomes activated by intraperitoneal injection of inert polydextran particles, these particles are rapidly surrounded by cells that express markers of adult stem cells (SDF–1α, CXCR4, WT–1) and of embryonic pluripotent cells (Oct–4, Nanog, SSEA–1). We have cultured such cells, because they may offer a convenient source of adult stem cells, and have found that they retain stem cell markers and produce high levels of vascular endothelial growth factor for up to ten passages. After systemic or local injection of these cultured cells into rats with acute injury of various organs, the cells specifically engraft at the injured sites. Thus, our experiments show that omental stromal cells can be cultured from activated omentum, and that these cells exhibit stem cell properties enabling them to be used for repair and possibly for the regeneration of damaged tissues.