, Volume 101, Issue 3, pp 284-294

The human histone gene cluster at the D6S105 locus

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The sequences and organization of the histone genes in the histone gene cluster at the chromosomal marker D6S105 have been determined by analyzing the Centre d’Étude du Polymorphisme Humain yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) 964f1. The insert of the YAC was subcloned in cosmids. In the established contig of the histone-gene-containing cosmids, 16 histone genes and 2 pseudogenes were identified: one H1 gene (H1.5), five H2A genes, four H2B genes and one pseudogene of H2B, three H3 genes, and three H4 genes plus one H4 pseudogene. The cluster extends about 80 kb with a nonordered arrangement of the histone genes. The dinucleotide repeat polymorphic marker D6S105 was localized at the telomeric end of this histone gene cluster. Almost all human histone genes isolated until now have been localized within this histone gene cluster and within the previously described region of histone genes, about 2 Mb telomeric of the newly described cluster or in a small group of histone genes on chromosome 1. We therefore conclude that the data presented here complete the set of human histone genes. This now allows the general organization of the human histone gene complement to be outlined on the basis of a compilation of all known histone gene clusters and solitary histone genes.

Received: 30 June 1997 / Accepted: 3 September 1997