, Volume 99, Issue 2, pp 191-193

Analysis of helicase gene mutations in Japanese Werner’s syndrome patients

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The profile of helicase gene mutations was studied in 89 Japanese Werner’s syndrome (WRN) patients by examining the previously described mutations 1– 4 as well as a new mutation found during this study, designated mutation 5. Of 178 chromosomes (89 patients), 89 chromosomes (50%) had mutation 4, 11 (6.2%) chromosomes had mutation 1, and two chromosomes (1.1%) contained mutation 5. Mutations 2 and 3 were not observed in this patient population. The remaining 76 (42.7%) chromosomes had none of these mutations. A significant fraction of all patients (22 total patients, 24.7%) appear to be compound heterozygotes, including those carrying mutations of both types 1 and 4. The genotype analysis of the markers surrounding the WRN helicase gene strongly suggests that most of the chromosomes carrying either mutation 1 or 4 were derived from two single founders.

Received: 25 July 1996 / Revised: 20 September 1996