, Volume 131, Issue 1, pp 33-39
Date: 07 Jul 2011

Common variants for atrial fibrillation: results from genome-wide association studies

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Atrial fibrillation (AF) affects more than 5 million people worldwide; however, none of the anti-arrhythmic drugs available now are entirely optimal in terms of efficacy and safety. A better understanding of the molecular mechanism of AF will facilitate the process of finding new strategies to prevent AF. As the non-familial AF is the major form of AF, identifying common variants for AF in these populations by genome-wide association studies will definitely accelerate this process. This review summarizes the recently identified common AF variants on 4q25, 16q22, and 1q21 and discusses their implications for the clinic.

X. Liu, F. Wang, J. Xiao and J. Zhao contributed equally to this work.