, Volume 121, Issue 1, pp 145-148
Date: 07 Nov 2006

A genome-wide linkage scan for quantitative trait loci underlying obesity related phenotypes in 434 Caucasian families

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To identify quantitative trait loci (QTLs) that contribute to obesity, we performed a large-scale whole genome linkage scan (WGS) involving 4,102 individuals from 434 Caucasian families. The most pronounced linkage evidence was found at the genomic region 20p11-12 for fat mass (LOD = 3.31) and percentage fat mass (PFM) (LOD = 2.92). We also identified several regions showing suggestive linkage signals (threshold LOD = 1.9) for obesity phenotypes, including 5q35, 8q13, 10p12, and 17q11.