, Volume 261, Issue 1, pp 184-195

Towards rice genome scanning by map-based AFLP fingerprinting

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Map-based DNA fingerprinting with AFLP markers provides a fast method for scanning the rice genome. Three hundred AFLP markers identified with ten primer combinations were mapped in two rice populations. The genetic maps were aligned and almost full coverage of the rice genome was obtained. The transferability of AFLP markers between indica × japonica and indica × indica crosses was tested. The chromosomes were divided into DNA Fingerprint Linkage Blocks (DFLBs) defined by specific AFLP markers. Using these blocks, the degree of similarity or divergence within specific chromosome regions was calculated for nine varieties. Applications of map-based fingerprinting for biodiversity studies and maker-assisted selection are discussed.

Received: 6 June 1998 / Accepted: 11 November 1998