, Volume 282, Issue 4, pp 437-451
Date: 26 Aug 2009

Cyk3 acts in actomyosin ring independent cytokinesis by recruiting Inn1 to the yeast bud neck

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Cytokinesis in yeast can be achieved by plasma membrane ingression, which is dependent on actomyosin ring constriction. Inn1 presumably couples these processes by interaction with both the plasma membrane and the temporary actomyosin ring component Hof1. In addition, an actomyosin ring independent cytokinesis pathway exists in yeast. We here identified Cyk3, a key component of the alternative pathway, as a novel interaction partner of Inn1. The carboxy-terminal proline rich part of Inn1 binds the SH3 domains of either Cyk3 or Hof1. Strains with truncated proteins lacking either of these SH3 domains do not display any severe phenotypes, but are synthetically lethal, demonstrating their crucial role in cytokinesis. Overexpression of CYK3 leads to an actomyosin ring independent recruitment of Inn1 to the bud neck, further supporting the significance of this interaction in vivo. Moreover, overexpression of CYK3 in a myo1 or an iqg1 deletion not only restores viability, but also the recruitment of Inn1 to the bud neck. We propose that Cyk3 is part of an actomyosin ring independent cytokinesis pathway, which acts as a rescue mechanism to recruit Inn1 to the bud neck.

Communicated by A. Aguilera.