, Volume 279, Issue 1, pp 95-106
Date: 08 Nov 2007

Trans-specific S -RNase and SFB alleles in Prunus self-incompatibility haplotypes

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Self-incompatibility in the genus Prunus is controlled by two genes at the S-locus, S-RNase and SFB. Both genes exhibit the high polymorphism and high sequence diversity characteristic of plant self-incompatibility systems. Deduced polypeptide sequences of three myrobalan and three domestic plum S-RNases showed over 97% identity with S-RNases from other Prunus species, including almond, sweet cherry, Japanese apricot and Japanese plum. The second intron, which is generally highly polymorphic between alleles was also remarkably well conserved within these S-allele pairs. Degenerate consensus primers were developed and used to amplify and sequence the co-adapted polymorphic SFB alleles. Sequence comparisons also indicated high degrees of polypeptide sequence identity between three myrobalan and the three domestic plum SFB alleles and the corresponding Prunus SFB alleles. We discuss these trans-specific allele identities in terms of S-allele function, evolution of new allele specificities and Prunus taxonomy and speciation.