Molecular Genetics and Genomics

, Volume 274, Issue 4, pp 442–443

Large deletions within the first intron in VRN-1 are associated with spring growth habit in barley and wheat

  • Daolin Fu
  • Péter Szűcs
  • Liuling Yan
  • Marcelo Helguera
  • Jeffrey S. Skinner
  • Jarislav von Zitzewitz
  • Patrick M. Hayes
  • Jorge Dubcovsky

DOI: 10.1007/s00438-005-0045-0

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Fu, D., Szűcs, P., Yan, L. et al. Mol Genet Genomics (2005) 274: 442. doi:10.1007/s00438-005-0045-0

Molecular Genetics and Genomics 273(1):54–65

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Table 2

Survey of wheat varieties grown in Argentina and California (1930–2004) with previously unknown vernalization genes

Allele combinationa

Wheat varieties grown in Argentina and California

Winter (6x)


Argentina:General Roca, Klein 32, Klein Rendidor, Prointa Puntal, Prointa Super

US: Andrews, Barbee, Bonne Ville, Eltan, Garland, Gene, Hill 81, Hyak, Kmor, Lambert, Mac Vicar, Madsen, Malcolm, Meridian, Newton, Nugaines, Phoenix, Promontory, Red Chief, Rod, Rohde, Rulo, Stephens, Tascosa, Triumph 64, Turkey, Yamhill, Wincora

Others:: Ranyaya, Bezostaya, VPM1, Mercia

Spring (4x)


Argentina: Bonaerense INTA Cumenay, Bonaerense INTA Facón, Bonaerense Quilacó, Buck Ambar, Buck Esmeralda, Buck Topacio

US: Aldura, Altar 84, Aruba, Carcomun’s, Duraking, Durex, Durfort, Eddie, Imperial, Leeds, Mexicali 75, Minos, Ocotillo, Reva, Ria, Westbred 881, Westbred Laker, Westbred Turbo

Spring (6x)


Argentina: Buck Biguá, Buck Catriel, Buck Guaraní, Buck Palenque, Cooperación Millán, Diamante INTA, Klein Flecha, Leones INTA, Pampa INTA, Prointa Bonaerense Redomón, Prointa Elite, Prointa Molinero

US: Anza, Big Club 60, Blanca, Brooks, Calorwa, Canthatch, Centennial, Challenger, Copper, Dirkwin, Klasic, Marshall, Poco Red, Rich, Spillman, Westbred 926

Vrn-A1a/b Vrn-B1vrn-D1

Argentina: Bonaerense Pasuco, Buck Arriero, Buck Brasil, Buck Guatimozín, Buck Manantial, Buck Ñandú, Cooperación Liquén, Granero INTA, Klein Chajá, Prointa Bonaerense Alazán, Prointa Granar

US: Len, Owens, Probrand 755, Siete Cerros 66 (CIMMYT), Stoa, Sunstar II, Sunstar Promise, Treasure, Twin


Argentina: ACA 601, Buck Chambergo, Back Namuncurá, Buck Patacón, Buck Yapeyú, Las Rosas INTA, Prointa Imperial

US: Serra, Sonora 64 (CIMMYT), Waduel 94.

Vrn-A1a/b Vrn-B1 Vrn-D1

Argentina: ACA 302, Buck Mataco, Buck Pingo, INIA Tijereta, Prointa Colibrí

US: Pomerelle, Wawawai, Yaqui 54 (CIMMYT).


Argentina: Bonaerense INTA Potrillo, Buck Charrúa, Buck Guapo, Buck Pampero, Buck Quequén, Buck Sureño, Buck Yatasto, INIA Churrinche, Klein Don Enrique, Klein Petiso, Klein Sagitario, Klein Salado, Prointa Oasis

US: Inia 66R, Penawawa, Pitic 62 (CIMMYT), Poso 48, Ramona 50, RSI 5, Whitebird.

vrn-A1vrn-B1 Vrn-D1

Argentina: Marcos Juárez INTA, Prointa Gaucho

US: Cajeme 71, Express, Kern, Probred, UC1037, UC1041, UC1107, UC1358, Westbred 911

vrn-A1Vrn-B1 Vrn-D1

Argentina: ACA 303, Bonaerense INTA Payador, Bordenave Puan SAG, Buck Farol, Buck Poncho, Klein Escorpión, Klein Escudo, Klein Estrella, Klein Jabalí, Klein Martillo, Klein Pegaso, Klein Proteo.

US: Alpowa, Clear White, Nainari 60 (CIMMYT), Shasta, Tadinia, Tammy, UC1128, Vanna

a Information for the Vrn-1 promoter regions is from Yan et al. (2004). Vrn-A1a and Vrn-A1b indicate promoter insertions or deletions, respectively (no intron deletion); Vrn-A1c, intron 1 deletion in the A genome copy; Vrn-B1, intron 1 deletion in the B genome copy; Vrn-D1, intron 1 deletion in the D genome copy. vrn-A1, vrn-B1 and vrn-D1 indicate no indels in the intron or promoter region compared to the winter allele

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  • Daolin Fu
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  • Péter Szűcs
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  • Liuling Yan
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  • Marcelo Helguera
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  • Jeffrey S. Skinner
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  • Jarislav von Zitzewitz
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  • Patrick M. Hayes
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  1. 1.Department of Plant SciencesUniversity of CaliforniaDavisUSA
  2. 2.Agricultural Research Institute of the Hungarian Academy of SciencesMartonvásárHungary
  3. 3.EEA INTA Marcos JuárezMarcos JuárezArgentina
  4. 4.Department of Crop and Soil Science and HorticultureOregon State UniversityCorvallisUSA