, Volume 105, Issue 4, pp 1067-1076
Date: 23 Jun 2009

Immune response of mice with alveolar echinococcosis to therapy with transfer factor, alone and in combination with albendazole

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The effect of dialysable leucocyte extract (transfer factor TF) on immune response of mice infected with Echinococcus multilocularis and treated with albendazole (ABZ) was observed. TF administration increased the parasite-suppressed proliferative response of T and B lymphocytes of infected mice from weeks 8 to 12 or 14 post infection (p.i.), respectively, with the most stimulative effect after TF+ABZ therapy. The CD4 T cell presence in the spleen of infected mice with TF or TF+ABZ therapy was increased from weeks 6 to 12 or 14 p.i., respectively. The production of IFN-γ (Th1 cytokine) after TF or TF+ABZ therapy was significantly higher from weeks 6 to 12 p.i., and during this time, the significantly inhibited IL-5 synthesis (Th2 cytokine) was detected, particularly after TF+ABZ therapy. The superoxide anion (O 2 ) production in peritoneal macrophages of infected mice treated with TF or TF+ABZ was stimulated from weeks 8 to 18 p.i. The immunomodulative effect of TF reduced the growth of larval cysts till week 14 p.i. with a comparable intensity to the anthelmintic drug ABZ. Combined therapy TF+ABZ resulted in the greatest parasite restriction and reduced the cyst development till the end of the experiment.