, Volume 95, Issue 2, pp 79-89
Date: 04 Dec 2004

Validity reassessment of Trichobilharzia species using Lymnaea stagnalis as the intermediate host

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The systematics within the genus Trichobilharzia is complicated. After the description of the type species Trichobilharzia ocellata, the name was routinely used for nearly all European findings of ocellate furcocercariae. T. ocellata was also described from North America and Japan. However, the identity of T. ocellata remains questionable. Comparison of data from the literature showed differences among various T. ocellata isolates and led us to the conclusion that the North American and the Japanese findings are not identical with European T. ocellata. In addition, the description of T. szidati corresponds with the recently reported European T. ocellata isolates. Sequence analysis of the ITS region confirmed that they are identical.