, Volume 130, Issue 11, pp 645-648
Date: 05 Aug 2004

Chemotherapeutic management of recurrent/metastatic uterine carcinosarcomas (malignant mixed mullerian tumors): time for a re-appraisal?

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Optimal chemotherapeutic management of recurrent/metastatic uterine carcinosarcomas remains undefined. Despite this fact, the selection of a cytotoxic anti-neoplastic drug regimen for an individual patient with this rare malignancy may substantially impact both short-term symptomatic improvement and overall quality-of-life, which includes the toxicity of therapy.

Patients and methods

Two women with metastatic uterine carcinosarcomas recently treated at the Cleveland Clinic received therapy (carboplatin/paclitaxel) directly aimed at the “adenocarcinoma” component of their mixed endometrial cancers.


Both patients achieved substantial short-term objective and subjective improvement in cancer-related signs and symptoms, while experiencing limited treatment-associated toxicities.


This limited experience, and additional available data, suggest it is rational to initially treat patients with recurrent/metastatic uterine carcinosarcomas with anti-neoplastic drug strategies currently employed in the management of endometrial adenocarcinomas.