, Volume 173, Issue 9, pp 1209-1216,
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Date: 12 Apr 2014

Safety and tolerance of a new extensively hydrolyzed rice protein-based formula in the management of infants with cow’s milk protein allergy


Guidelines recommend the use of extensively hydrolyzed cow’s milk protein-based formulas (eHF) in the treatment of infants with cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA). Extensively hydrolyzed rice protein infant formula (eRHF) has recently become available and could offer a valid alternative. A prospective trial was performed to evaluate the hypo-allergenicity and safety of a new eRHF in infants with a confirmed CMPA. Patients were fed the study formula for 6 months. Clinical tolerance of the eRHF was evaluated with a symptom-based score (SBS) and growth (weight and length) was monitored. Forty infants (mean age, 3.4 months; range, 1–6 months) with CMPA confirmed by a food challenge were enrolled. All infants tolerated the eRHF and the SBS significantly decreased as of the first month of intervention. Moreover, the eRHF allowed a catch-up to normal weight gain as of the first month as well as a normalization of the weight-for-age, weight-for length, and BMI z-scores within the 6-month study period. Conclusion: In accordance with current guidelines, this eRHF was tolerated by more than 90 % of children with proven CMPA with a 95 % confidence interval. This eRHF is an adequate and safe alternative to cow milk-based eHF.

Communicated by David Nadal
Paradice Study Group: C. Halut, MN. Robberecht, N. Balduck, A. l’Homme, MP. Mohring, T. Carvelli, E. Defontaine, JF. Questiau, J. Christens, F. Henckens, R. Lemmens, L. Vercammen