, Volume 172, Issue 2, pp 283-284

Reply to correspondence letter by M. Korppi

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Dear Editor

We thank Dr Paassilta M and her colleagues for their letter related with our paper on milk oral immunotherapy, published recently in European Journal of Pediatrics [4]. In your comments, you state that in our “non-anaphylactic” patients (n = 22), six reached complete and 16 partial desensitization. The right figures are 16 patients with complete and six with partial desensitization. The process was completed in 23.1 weeks, while in the “anaphylactic group” (n = 44), the time required to reach desensitization was 26.4 weeks (35 patients reached maximum tolerance; seven, partial; one, only tolerates 2 cc; and one, withdrawal). Our study shows that the schedule used to induce desensitization to cow’s milk proteins is efficacious. Most of the patients achieved enough tolerance levels to follow a diet without restrictions in milk-containing products.

We agree that the weak point in our design was the absence of a control group (as is already stated in our manuscript). But the resu