, Volume 165, Issue 11, pp 813-814
Date: 30 May 2006

Increasing prevalence of iron deficiency in overweight and obese children and adolescents (Tehran Adolescent Obesity Study)

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Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world. It has been linked to several problems among children and adolescents [1, 8].

A few small studies noted a possible association between iron deficiency and obesity [5]. To the authors’ knowledge, no study focusing on the association between obesity and iron deficiency among Iranian children and adolescents has been performed.


The Tehran Adolescent Obesity Study was conducted among the school children of Tehran, the capital city of Iran. Detailed information of this study has been published previously [4].

Two thousand nine hundred students were included in the first stage of study in order to determine the prevalence and correlates of being overweight and obesity. In the second stage of the study, the analysis was limited to 540 overweight and obese students (258 boys, 282 girls) and 200 normal-weight students (84 boys and 116 girls) matched for age and sex. Individuals who had known systemic disease ...