, Volume 164, Issue 6, p 402
Date: 07 Apr 2005

Kliegman RM, Greenbaum LA, Lye PS (eds): Practical strategies in pediatric diagnosis and therapy, 2nd edition

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This second edition of the textbook edited by Kliegman, Greenbaum and Lye, to which numerous authors from across the United States have contributed, offers a very comprehensive, problem-based approach to paediatrics. Instead of grouping chapters in diseases and syndromes, major symptoms, signs or laboratory findings are discussed by emphasising the differential diagnosis. This approach facilitates the acquisition of rigorous clinical reasoning, all the more so since algorithms of reasoning are added to many chapters. Differences in frequency and symptoms of disorders by age group are well taken into account. One of the highlights of the book is Robert M. Kliegman’s chapter on acute and chronic abdominal pain which offers different ways of accessing the problem such as by age group, the character or localisation of pain, by listing systemic causes for abdominal pain or clues in the history of a patient that may suggest the origin of abdominal pain. So-called “red flags” in all chapters ...