, Volume 165, Issue 6, pp 374-379
Date: 04 Mar 2006

Onset of vacuum-related complaints in neonates

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Since vacuum-related neonatal morbidity has been described in many studies clinical observation of neonates is common practice after vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery. However, no guidelines are available regarding the required length of hospital stay of these infants, because little is known about the first onset of complaints due to vacuum extraction-related morbidity. In a prospective observational cohort study we found that vacuum extraction-related complaints occurred in term neonates within 10 h following birth. Mild to moderate morbidity was frequently seen, whereas severe morbidity was infrequently seen. Previous artificial delivery, Apgar score lower than 7 at 1 min, and birth weight >4.0 kg were risk factors for morbidity after vacuum extraction. We suggest that it is justified to discharge neonates at least 10 h after vacuum delivery when no vacuum extraction-related complaints have occurred.

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