, Volume 199, Issue 1, pp 11-25
Date: 10 Nov 2009

Cellular immune response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis-specific antigen culture filtrate protein-10 in south India

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The Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tuberculosis)-specific culture filtrate protein-10 (CFP-10) is highly recognized by M. tuberculosis infected subjects. In the present study, the proliferative response and IFN-γ secretion was found for C-terminal peptides of the protein (Cfp651–70, Cfp761–80, Cfp871–90, and Cfp981–100). The alleles HLA DRB1 *04 and HLA DRB1 *10 recognized the C-terminal peptides Cfp7, Cfp8, and Cfp9 in HHC. Cfp6 was predominantly recognized by the alleles HLA DRB1 *03 and HLA DRB1 *15 by PTB. The minimal nonameric epitopes from the C-terminal region were CFP-1056–64 and CFP-1076–84. These two peptides deserve attention for inclusion in a vaccine against tuberculosis in this region.