, Volume 196, Issue 4, pp 233-239

Pathogenesis of leptospirosis: interaction of Leptospira interrogans with in vitro cultured mammalian cells

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Interactions of virulent Leptospira interrogans with murine monocyte-macrophage-like J774A.1 cells and Vero (African green monkey kidney fibroblasts) cells from attachment to internalization were investigated by a series of morphological analysis. Fontana silver staining revealed that only the pathogenic leptospires were able to attach to host cells and the attachment pattern varied depending on cell types that they interacted with. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analysis confirmed the formation of the leptospires-containing phagosomes and their colocalization with lysosomes in macrophages were verified by confocal microscopic analysis. Results of F-actin rearrangements examination indicated that virulent leptospires invaded host cells via a microfilament-independent pathway.