, Volume 207, Issue 6, pp 495-502
Date: 03 Feb 2004

Expression and regulation of ROR-1 during early avian limb development

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ROR-1 is a member of the ROR family of tyrosine kinase like orphan receptors and is highly conserved among various species. We have isolated the chick ROR-1 (cROR-1) and show that cROR-1 expression is high and restricted to the proximal limb region until HH-stage 25. At later stages, expression spreads towards the distal limb region. In order to determine the signals that control cROR-1 expression, factors known to be involved in limb patterning (FGFs, BMPs, SHH, retinoic acid) were applied to the developing limb. Whereas neither FGFs, BMPs, nor SHH affected cROR-1 expression, upregulation could be achieved by ectopic application of retinoic acid to the distal limb region. As retinoic acid also upregulated retinoic acid receptor beta (Rar-β), we assume that cROR-1 upregulation is mediated by Rar-β. We conclude that ROR-1 signaling is an independently regulated pathway, which is involved in late rather than early limb development.