, Volume 459, Issue 6, pp 615-621
Date: 10 Nov 2011

TLE1 is expressed in the majority of primary pleuropulmonary synovial sarcomas

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Pleuropulmonary synovial sarcoma (PPSS) is a rare entity, similar to synovial sarcoma of soft tissue (STSS). There are 120 published cases of PPSS, but no studies have explored the expression of TLE1. In soft tissues, it has been proven a useful marker, but in tumors of other sites, its expression has not been explored. The main objective was to study the expression and diagnostic sensitivity and specificity of TLE1 in a group of PPSS, of which the diagnosis was corroborated by fluorescence in situ hybridization confirming t(X;18) in a tissue microarray. Immunohistochemistry including TLE1, vimentin, CD99, CD56, bcl-2, AE1-AE3, EMA, CD34, CK7, CK19, calponin, and S-100 was performed on all PPSS and on 25 control cases (five carcinomas, ten mesotheliomas, and ten thoracic sarcomas). TLE1 was positive in 11 cases (73.3%); bcl-2 and vimentin in 100%; calponin and CD56 in 26.6%; CD99, CK AE1-AE3, CK19, CK7, and EMA in 80%; and S100 negative in all. The only biphasic PPSS was positive for epithelial markers only in the epithelial component. TLE1 was negative in all control cases. TLE1 is expressed in 73% of PPSS, a value inferior to that reported in STSS, but is highly specific for PPSS. TLE1 may therefore be of value in the differential diagnosis of PPSS, but should be used in a panel of antibodies.

This work was partially presented in the 100th Annual Meeting of the USCAP, San Antonio, TX, 2011 poster presentation (poster no. 1776).