, Volume 453, Issue 6, pp 611-616
Date: 29 Oct 2008

Lymphocyte-depleted classic Hodgkin lymphoma—a neglected entity?

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Changes in the definition of lymphocyte-depleted classic Hodgkin lymphoma (LDcHL) have recently led to reclassification of many cases as other pleomorphic lymphomas. We have set out to identify LD cases in our cohort of cHL patients and determine their clinical and biological characteristics properties. We defined the morphologic picture of LDcHL according to selected criteria and determined how its features differ from those of other subtypes of cHL. Twelve of 201 cHL patients (5.9%) were diagnosed as showing LDcHL histology, a higher percentage of LDcHL than in most recent series. The LD cases were most often positive for Epstein–Barr virus and for sialyl-CD15. Defining the cases as either reticular (eight) or as diffuse fibrosis (three) variants was critical to the diagnostic approach. We conclude that LDcHL may be a neglected entity.