, Volume 453, Issue 1, pp 117-119
Date: 13 Jun 2008

Bioethics considerations for medical research in human archive tissues: the point of view of the researcher

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Dear Sir,

One of the central points of molecular medicine research is the need to check the results of basic research in human clinical case studies. For this reason, human tissues like blood and tissues from surgical specimens are often used. These studies are usually performed before direct clinical trials to give more information for future clinical research. The goal performed in human tissue research is usually a preclinical or clinical validation of specific molecular biomarkers. Bioethics rules can directly modify the possibility and the time period in which this type of studies can be conducted.

Globally, the vast majority of medical research does not involve very sensitive ethical issues. Within this research area, we would like to point out the difference between research investigating genetic aspects, which could seriously harm privacy, and more strictly pathological research, the kind of medical research that is most commonly carried out. In this case, delicate genetic aspect ...