, Volume 447, Issue 3, pp 597-602
Date: 01 Jul 2005

Tracing origin of serrated adenomas with BRAF and KRAS mutations

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Serrated neoplasm of the colorectum raised many as-yet unanswered issues. To characterize serrated neoplasia pathway, we investigated BRAF and KRAS mutations in 35 traditional serrated adenomas. BRAF exons 11 and 15, and KRAS exon 2 were amplified by polymerase chain reaction and directly sequenced. BRAF V599E mutation was found in 27 serrated adenomas (77.1%), and KRAS mutations were found in 3 (8.6%) of 35 traditional serrated adenomas. In 13 cases, mixed polyps composed of traditional serrated adenomas and hyperplastic (serrated) polyps were observed, and seven of them showed the same BRAF mutations in both components. Somatic mutations of BRAF and KRAS genes were mutually exclusive. These findings suggest that BRAF mutations are early and a critical event in the serrated adenomas, and most serrated adenomas in both sides of colon may progress from microvesicular hyperplastic polyps via BRAF mutations, and some left-sided serrated adenomas develop via KRAS mutations.