, Volume 446, Issue 1, pp 82-84
Date: 08 Oct 2004

Ciliated cyst of probable mullerian origin arising in the posterior mediastinum

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Sir, several types of cyst have been reported in the mediastinum. They include thymic cyst, bronchogenic cyst, esophageal cyst and celomic cyst [6]. Mullerian cyst arising in sites other than the female genital tract has been reported rarely in the literature. We report a mediastinal cyst that has a feature characteristic of a mullerian cyst.

An 18-year-old woman presented with an abnormal shadow on chest X-ray film during medical examination. She had otherwise neither anatomic abnormalities nor clinical symptoms. Computed tomographic scan and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed a lesion measuring 28×21×33 mm situated in the posterior mediastinum, in the right side of Th 5 level of vertebra, not in direct communication with tracheobronchial tree or esophagus. In T1-weighted scans of MRI, it was hypointense, while in T2-weighted scans, hyperintense signals were observed (Fig. 1). According to the radiological diagnosis of neurogenic tumor, surgical removal of the lesion was perform ...