Development Genes and Evolution

, Volume 210, Issue 11, pp 579–581

Xnkx-2.1: a homeobox gene expressed during early forebrain, lung and thyroid development in Xenopus laevis

  • T. Hollemann
  • T. Pieler
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DOI: 10.1007/s004270000098

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Hollemann, T. & Pieler, T. Dev Gene Evol (2000) 210: 579. doi:10.1007/s004270000098


Nkx-2.1 is a member of the vertebrate Nkx family of homeobox genes; it was originally identified as a tissue-specific regulator of thyroglobulin and thyroperoxidase gene transcription. Here we report on the embryonic expression of Xnkx-2.1, which is expressed in the presumptive forebrain from early neurulation onwards. In tadpole stage embryos Xnkx-2.1 transcripts are primarily detected in ventral forebrain, lung buds and thyroid anlage. Therefore, Xnkx-2.1 may be part of the genetic network that controls the early development of these organs.

Key words  nkxForebrainLungThyroidXenopus laevis

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  • T. Hollemann
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  • T. Pieler
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  1. 1.Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology, Humboldtallee 23, 37073 Göttingen, Germany e-mail: thollem1@gwdg.deDE