, Volume 217, Issue 6, pp 413-420
Date: 17 Apr 2007

Both Hoxc13 orthologs are functionally important for zebrafish tail fin regeneration

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Hox genes are re-expressed during regeneration in many species. Given their important role in body plan development, it has been assumed, but not directly shown, that they play a functional role in regeneration. In this paper we show that morpholino-mediated knockdown of either Hoxc13a or Hoxc13b during the process of zebrafish tail fin regeneration results in a significant reduction of regenerative outgrowth. Furthermore, cellular proliferation within the blastema is directly affected in both knockdowns. Hence, similar to the demonstration of unique functions of multiple Hox genes during limb formation, both Hoxc13 orthologs have distinct functions in regeneration.

Communicated by M. Hammerschmidt