, Volume 216, Issue 9, pp 551-553
Date: 12 Apr 2006

The existence of all three ParaHox genes in the clitellate annelid, Perionyx excavatus

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A ParaHox gene cluster is composed of three genes (Gsx, Xlox, and Cdx). It has been proposed that all three ParaHox genes were present in the last common ancestor to the lophotrochozoan protostomes and the deuterostomes and that gene loss event has occurred in the ecdysozoan lineage. In this paper, we report the existence of all three ParaHox genes in Perionyx excavatus, a clitellate annelid. Although orthologs of each of the three ParaHox genes were previously discovered from other lopotrochozoan taxa, this study constitutes the first reported isolation of all three ParaHox genes in the same clitellate species.

Communicated by D.A. Weisblat
Bum Joon Park and Sung-Jin Cho contributed equally to this work.