, Volume 213, Issue 7, pp 363-367
Date: 17 May 2003

Complementary expression of AP-2 and AP-2rep in ectodermal derivatives of Xenopus embryos

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In an attempt to define the pattern of developmental expression of AP-2rep and AP-2 in Xenopus embryos, we cloned a Xenopus AP-2rep cDNA. The AP-2rep message was localized in the organizer region at the gastrula stage whereas AP-2 was expressed ventro-laterally in the animal hemisphere. Later, AP-2rep was expressed in the entire neural tissue at the neurula stage while AP-2 was predominantly expressed in the cranial neural crest areas. The endogenous expression of AP-2 in the neural crest area was diminished by ectopic injection of AP-2rep RNA, suggesting a role for AP-2rep in the differentiation of neural tissues by restricting the expression of AP-2 in the Xenopus embryo.

Edited by R.P. Elinson