, Volume 213, Issue 5, pp 741-747

Root water flow and leaf stomatal conductance in aspen (Populus tremuloides) seedlings treated with abscisic acid

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Exogenous abscisic acid (ABA) applied to the roots and excised shoots of aspen (Populus tremuloides Michx.) inhibited stomatal conductance. However, the effect of ABA on stomatal conductance was more pronounced in the excised shoots compared with the intact seedlings. Approximately 10% of the ABA concentration applied to the roots was found in the xylem exudates of root systems exposed to a hydrostatic pressure of 0.3 MPa. A similar concentration of ABA applied to the excised shoots produced a faster and greater reduction of stomatal conductance. ABA applied to the roots had no effect on root steady-state flow rate over the 5-h experimental period. Moreover, pre-incubating root systems of intact seedlings for 12 h with 5×10–5 M ABA did not significantly reduce volume flow density. Similarly, ABA had no effect on root hydraulic conductivity and the activation energy of root water flow rates.

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