, Volume 211, Issue 1, pp 85-90

Arbuscular mycorrhiza development regulates the mRNA abundance of Mtaqp1 encoding a mercury-insensitive aquaporin of Medicago truncatula

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 The genome of the model legume Medicago truncatula Gaertn. was screened for the presence of genes encoding tonoplast intrinsic proteins, and a gene family was identified. The cDNA fragments of two members of the multigene family were cloned from roots inoculated with an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus. Transcript accumulation in roots could be detected for both cDNA fragments, but only one gene was induced in the symbiosis when compared to non-mycorrhizal control roots. A full-length cDNA clone was obtained from the arbuscular-mycorrhiza-regulated gene, and injection of in-vitro-transcribed RNA into Xenopus oocytes revealed that the encoded protein MtAQP1 specifically facilitates water transport. The possible role of MtAQP1 in buffering osmotic fluctations in the highly compartmented vacuole of arbuscule cells is discussed.

Received: 21 July 1999 / Accepted: 10 December 1999