, Volume 434, Issue 4, pp 502-504

Role of actin microfilament in osmotic stretch-induced increase of voltage-operated calcium channel current in guinea-pig gastric myocytes

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 Using the whole-cell patch clamp technique, the role of actin microfilament in hyposmotic increase of voltage-operated calcium channel current (I Ba) was studied in guinea-pig gastric myocytes. Hyposmotic superfusate (212 mOsm) increased peak I Ba amplitude by 32.7 ± 6.5%; when cytochalasin-D (Cyt-D, 20 μM), an actin cytoskeleton disruptor, was used, an increase of only 9.7 ± 3.1% was seen. I Baresponse to osmotic stress was potentiated (45.1 ± 4.1% increase) by 20 μM phalloidin, an actin microfilament stabilizer. However, colchicine (100 μM), an microtubule cytoskeleton disruptor, had no effect on either I Ba or its response to hyposmotic solution. Phalloidin also induced a rightward shift of the I/V relationship of I Ba, while Cyt-D itself had no effect. These results suggest that actin cytoskeleton may mediate hyposmotic stretch-induced I Ba increase in gastric smooth muscle.

Received: 26 March 1997 / Received after revision: 28 May 1997 / Accepted: 3 June 1997